My First

So the reason I’ve decided to create this blog is because I’ve searched everywhere on the net for examples of how to create an intranet for a government department in PNG and found nothing. When I say ‘how to create’ I mean, the planning, the creation of policies, hiring, outsourcing…the whole nine yards. So this here, this blog, will document (hopefully) all the ideas I’ve had, all the setbacks, successes, and epic failures that I’ll come across during the creation of an Intranet for a government department in PNG.

As of writing this post, the Intranet has not been completed, its still a work in progress. The idea of blogging about this new intranet project was taken from Luke Oatham’s Intranet Diary, in a post where he writes about sharing the choices made in creating a new gov intranet. I thought it was a brilliant idea! I still do, and I only hope others will do the same.